Blake Lively Leaves Steamy Comment Under Ryan Reynolds Pic: ‘My Thirst Has Been Trapped’

Blake Lively Leaves Steamy Comment Under Ryan Reynolds Pic: ‘My Thirst Has Been Trapped’

As fans eagerly await the release of Deadpool & Wolverine on the big screen, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have kicked off the film’s promotional tour in Shanghai, China. 

On Wednesday, Jackman shared a photo on Instagram of Reynolds in a tight white tank top, showcasing his impressive arms. Jackman humorously captioned the photo, “‘You want me to put this away?’ — Ryan Reynolds, co-star, mouth breather, a**hole.”

The photo caught Blake Lively‘s attention, and she showcased her admiration for her husband’s physique. The A Simple Favor star couldn’t resist commenting on the photo, writing, “My thirst has been trapped.”

Reynolds, 47, joined the fun, mockingly expressing his outrage, “This photo is from my private collection. How dare you?”

He later shared Jackman’s post to his Instagram Stories, adding, “You’ve brought shame upon my house.”

Ryan Reynolds on Hugh Jackman’s Instagram.Instagram

This isn’t the first time that 36-year-old Lively has playfully commented on her husband’s impressive physique. Last year, she reposted a photo of a shirtless Reynolds, embellishing it with suggestive stickers and emojis, including a warning that read, “Caution: Extra spicy,” hot sauce bottles, a mustachioed pepper illustration, and a cartoon animal breathing fire. She even added an open zipper.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Shanghai, China, on July 2, 2024.VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Meanwhile, amid her own highly anticipated summer movie, It Ends With Us, Lively does not hide her admiration for one of her celebrity buddies, Taylor Swift, declaring herself the singer’s biggest fan.

“No, no, I really am,” she reiterated to ET during an interview at Book Bonanza in Texas.  

Thanks to a very handy connection to the megawatt star, Lively helped secure Swift’s 2020 track, “my tears ricochet,” for the trailer promoting the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s hit romance novel.

“You could’ve put any song on, like, her music is just, like, unmatched,” she gushed of Swift’s discography. “Her writing is so beautiful and it’s so personal and you can feel that, you can feel that in the way that she sings. You can feel that in her lyrics.”

Lively and Reynolds, who married in September 2012, share four children: daughters James, 9, Inez, 7, Betty, 4, and a 1-year-old whose name and sex they have yet to reveal.


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