‘To confuse & locate air defenses’ – Why Russia throws so many munitions at sleeping Ukrainian cities

‘To confuse & locate air defenses’ – Why Russia throws so many munitions at sleeping Ukrainian cities

While Russia attacked Ukraine in a mass multi-wave missile and drone attack for the third time in 10 days on Jan. 8, they did not use any novel tactics, military analyst Denys Popovych explained to Radio NV.

Explosions were heard in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, and Khmelnytsky Oblasts, leaving at least four dead and 33 injured.

One oblast was targeted at first, followed by the Russian missiles changing their direction en route to target other areas.

“This is not something new,” he said.

“I observed this back in the summer, when missiles were launched and then changed direction.”

The same tactic was used during the last mass bombing of the capital on Jan. 2.

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“We could observe this during the previous attack, when Kyiv was the main target,” he said.

“The cruise missiles were initially targeted the west, before returning to Kyiv. This was not the first time Russia used this maneuver either.”

Most of the rockets flew to western and southern Ukraine, where it was very loud on the morning of Jan. 8, said Popovych.

“Their top priority is to confuse air defense systems.” he said.

“The second goal is to simultaneously find out where the air defenses are located, since the Russians understand very well that to intercept these missiles, Ukrainian interceptors must be guided, which requires radar equipment to be turned on. That’s how they track their location.”

Air defense forces destroyed 18 cruise missiles and eight UAVs during the attack, reported Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

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