Hailey Davidson: Trans golfer says athletes should not be banned but accepts regulations are necessary | Golf News

Hailey Davidson: Trans golfer says athletes should not be banned but accepts regulations are necessary | Golf News

Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson has said “trans athletes should not be banned”, but accepts regulations such as testosterone testing are necessary to ensure sport is not a “free-for-all”.

Davidson will be required to undergo testosterone testing to verify her eligibility, and she will also be the subject of a player poll after criticism which followed victory in a women’s pro tour event.

The 30-year-old, who told Sky News she received death threats after picking up the trophy at the NXXT Women’s Classic in Orlando, Florida, accepts the need for regulations.

“Trans athletes shouldn’t be banned, but at the same time, there needs to be regulations in place because it shouldn’t just be a free-for-all,” she said.

“I think with so many topics, we as a society just need to sit down and listen to each other rather than scream at each other and put hatred on it.

“I think we forget that people are actually humans at the same time.”

The Ayrshire-born player insists being born male does not give her physiological advantages anymore.

She said in an interview from Florida: “I recognise that I did have an unfair advantage a few years ago. I’ve been transitioning for nine years. I’ve been on hormones for almost nine years, I had surgery…coming up almost on three years. I’ve lost just over 50 miles an hour swing speed.”

But NXXT Golf indicated her triumph raised issues with the tour’s integrity, with CEO Stuart McKinnon saying: “The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour’s policies, especially concerning gender, have been formulated in alignment with those of the LPGA and USGA. This approach is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our partnership with the LPGA and ensuring a fair and consistent competitive environment.

“When Hailey Davidson joined the tour, she complied with these policies by providing necessary documentation, including validation from the LPGA and USGA, which also facilitated her participation in the 2022 Q-School.

“Recognising the spectrum of views on this issue, we wish to highlight that our decisions are guided by what is best for our players, setting aside personal beliefs.

“Part of our commitment is ensuring an environment that is inclusive and safe for all members. In light of recent events, we have initiated a poll among our tour players to gather their opinions on our gender policy. We believe it is vital to consider the perspectives of those directly affected by these policies.

“Furthermore, in maintaining the integrity of our standards, we have requested Hailey Davidson to undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance with the appropriate guidelines.

“We understand that this topic evokes strong feelings and diverse viewpoints. We encourage constructive dialogue and respect for all athletes who strive to compete at the highest levels of their sport.”

The LPGA’s current gender policy reads: “The applicant must provide a written declaration, in a form satisfactory to LPGA, that her gender identity is female. Such declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four (4) years following the first date in which she participates in a tournament as a transgender athlete;

“The applicant must have undergone gender reassignment surgery (i.e., a gonadectomy) prior to submitting an application for membership or entering the tournament; and

“The applicant must have undergone, for at least one (1) year, appropriate hormonal therapy and maintained testosterone levels in a verifiable manner sufficient to minimize or negate gender-related advantages in sport competitions, as determined by LPGA in consultation with its medical advisor(s), and demonstrate that she is ready, willing and able to continue to maintain such levels for so long as she continues to compete in tournaments.”

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